Month: July 2016

Grieving the Loss of Dreams for Our Children: Vaccine Injury

A Life Without Vaccine Injury  A childhood to explore the world. To express their curiosities. To pretend and play. An adulthood to contribute. To find their way. For us to learn to slowly let go from the moment they are born. Our lives are not forever their lives. Except with these things are lost and their lives are dependent upon ours. My immediate family has been lucky that so far only my children’s childhoods were stolen from them. Every day I have to tell myself to forgive for what I did not know. The grieving is deep and the...

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An Apology From A Natural Birth Advocate

  Sometimes we don’t realize the weight of what we say. Until we are the ones that weight is crushing. Until we are the only ones who notice the elephant in the room. I cared. That’s why I spoke. I had a traumatic vaginal birth, that’s why I began studying. I knew birth mattered. I knew the current system often fails us. And then I myself had to be laid down, cut open to save my baby. I did absolutely everything to ensure a healthy pregnancy and birth with midwives that fully trusted my body and the birth process. I...

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